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2023 Season

Welcome to our field this year! We are so excited to showcase some of our awesome plants that we are growing this season!  This year we have some repeats from last season that we loved so much including Blue Hawaiian - Shout out to CalCo Genetics!  We have 2 strains this year that we are extra excited to share with you - Echo Hill - named after our field that has an amazing echo and Smokey's Cake that are super special to us.  


Smokey's Cake

Green Mountain Gardens

A GMG cultivar!  Named after where we got the seed, this wedding cake x Afghani cross has  sweet, peppery & earthy notes.  It is great to treat insomnia, pain and stress!  

Dark Queen

Relentless Genetics

This Queen of the South x Runtz cross is a new favorite! The plant is so sticky sweet and fruity that its terpenes could be made into a perfume!  She is sure to provide a happy, uplifting and heady feeling!  


Mystery on the Mountain

Green Source Gardens

We tried out a few of the infamous GMOB hash plants on the hill.   They were all a little different and we were stoked to grow them!  Super sparkly buds with earthy, spicy aromas.

Royal Wedding BX

Staefli Farms

Royal Wedding x (Royal Wedding x GMO Mac) is definitely a stand out here at GMG!  The stacked up buds are green and purple buds and are super frosty and smell like sweet, gassy earth.  



Vermont Heirloom

A friend of ours has been keeping this special cultivar going strong in VT -  he grew it for pain managament.  We have never tried growing this flower in VT sun and so far - in the wet year -  it has been resistant to septoria and botrytis!  The flowers are thick and has a sweet nose.  

Blue Tuxedo

CalCo Genetics

Another favorite here at GMG - she certainly catches an eye!  These purple flowers and a unique leaf structure have a sweet and earthy nose.  This Blue Hawaiian x Wedding Cake is going to have a special place here!  


Casey Jones

North Atlantic Seed Company

Looks for this strain in a vap cart and a tincture!  Our friends at Low Key Alchemy are turning this Sativa flower into some amazing concentrates!  It is a cross between Oriental Express and East Coast Sour Diesel that provides a sweet earthy nose with hints of citrus.  This is a great strain if you like to start the day this way.  

Cherry Smash

CalCo Genetics

Cherry Pie x Blueberry Syrup - these sparkly buds were a surprise fav at GMG.  They have flowers are small and dense with a sweet cherry smell.  


Want to see more of our field?  

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