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2023 Season


Green Mountain Mandarin

Green Mountain Greenhouse

Bred by our VT friends at Green Mountain Greenhouse, this cultivar has shined this season!  We have a few different phenotypes of this This Blue Hash x MSG cross ranging from skunky and fuel to orange and citrus.  We love to support other VT farms that are trying to create genetics that exceed in our climate.   


Staefli Farms

These ladies did so well in our field this summer! Contrary to its name, this indica leaning strain will leave you feeling relaxed and in tune with your surroundings, great for depression, chronic pain and stress.  This frosty flower has a super earthy coffee flavor.  


Django's Fire

MTG Seeds

This special strain  - (LA Confidential x Chem Dog) x (SFV OG x Chem Dog)  was created in honor of  Django - an MTG legacy.  It is a hybrid with notes of pine and diesel.  Great for treating acute pain and anxiety.  

Orange Turbo

MTG Seeds

This unique sativa leaning strain is a cross of Orange Creamsicle and Turbo Diesel.  The aroma of this strain is sweet and citrusy.  It will be turned into something amazing by Low Key Alchemy!


Blue Hawaiian

Calco Genetics

Back for a second season, this GMG favorite is a stunner!  With its sparkly purple flowers and bright green leaves, this kona sunset and blueberry syrup cross is sure to please!  It has a sweet and fruity nose followed by a dank undertone.  

Sunrise Daydream

MTG Seeds

This sativa leaning strain is orange turbo x dreamweaver.  


Pineapple Cream

Forbin's Finest

This strain comes from our friends at Forbin's Finest.  It is Pineapple Skunk x Cookies and Cream. These plants did great in the field and produced some beautiful frosty green buds.   It has a tropical nose that leaves you feeling invigorated and calm.  

Echo Hill

Green Mountain Gardens

This strain unique to GMG grows really well in this VT climate producing super frosty green and purple hued flower.  We grew a test plant last year and really liked it..  early finisher with lots of trichomes.  

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